CCTV Cameras & Installation

Our specialists have a service warranty and service the equipment purchased, as well as amenities such as free phone service customer support. Given the experience of our experts, you can be sure of a professional, timely completion of all installation work on your site surveillance and/or security systems
Many businesses and homes  are an easy target for criminals due to the lack of investment in proper site surveillance. Many times, a simple installation of a camera internally and/or externally may deter and aid in discouraging such acts.

FSL installs and maintains a large selection of CCTV surveillance systems, all at very affordable prices.

When building a CCTV system the most important thing is not to compromise on quality. The quality of the equipment you purchase will determine the quality of image you see on the monitor and, more importantly, the quality of the image you see when playing back a stored recording. Our range of CCTV equipment is of the highest quality.

Our highly skilled and experienced technical team will be pleased to attend and carry out a full site survey for your CCTV installation.