We guard. We protect. We secure.

  • Fortress Services Ltd (FSL) was founded in the year 2015 by a team of experienced and professional expertise to provide consultancy services within security and fleet management fields. Since then we have built our clientele base from international, national, regional, public and private entities with different types of business setups.

    We are a market-driven company focused on delivering competitive services and ensuring positive impact on various respective businesses.

  • Our competitive edge which we emphasize is the high quality of customer service. The company will differentiate itself through the courteousness and good people skills, on timely service delivery, and personnel that are experienced. These efforts will generate good word of mouth among all our clients. As the company grows, special efforts will be devoted to the customer service training of new employees.

    Notwithstanding the fact that all our competitors started before us, there are indicators (in our research) that there is ample room for improvement. Pricing will then be a factor as some, if not all our competitors are highly priced but we can offer competitive prices to maintain an image consistent with the company's mission statement. Especially true for companies with similar capacity, the most important key to success is finding a referral and repeat clientele.

  • We Provide:
             Fleet Management
             Security Services
             Risk Modeling and Counter-terror Planning  

  • Our mission

    To enhance service delivery within public transport and security fields while also creating a conducive environment for business.

  • Our vision

    To be among the leading security and fleet management consultants in Kenya and beyond.